NEF Scholarship Online Applications Process Is Currently Open

Nurses Educational Funds, Inc. awards scholarships to graduate licensed registered nurses seeking master's and doctoral degrees in accredited nursing programs in the United States.

  • The online application process opened October 1, 2018 and closes February 1, 2019.
  • All the requirements for the online application process can be found here

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Nurses Educational Funds, Inc.
Mourns the Passing of Barbara Jonas

Barbara Lynn Jonas, MSW, FAAN (h), FAANP (h), died on October 23, 2018. A long time activist in the arts, mental health, public policy and a respected psychiatric social worker, Barbara Jonas and her husband Donald Jonas, a leading retail executive, brought together their professional expertise and personal passions to address a growing crisis in our nation’s healthcare system — the shortage of professional nurses — and established Jonas Nursing and Veterans Healthcare (JNVH) in 2006, a first-of-its-kind philanthropic program dedicated to advancing the nursing profession and helping returning veterans. Read More ...


Nursing Scholarships for Graduate Education

Nurses Educational Funds, Inc. (NEF) is a not-for-profit organization which seeks and distributes funds to baccalaureate prepared registered nurses who are in need of nursing scholarship assistance for graduate study. NEF is administered by a Board of Directors comprised of prominent leaders in nursing, business, and other professions. Nurses comprise the majority of board members.

NEF has been in existence for over 100 years! It was in 1912 that the first two Isabel Hampton Robb scholarships were awarded to two nurses, Cecelia Evans and Lisle French. From then on NEF has continued to support nursing professionals motivated to seek graduate degrees. With the support of those who value the critical need for:

  • nursing educators
  • advanced nurse clinicians
  • nurse researchers

NEF, the largest, single, private, professionally endorsed source of funds for advanced study in nursing will continue with this work for the next 100 years!