Samantha Fils-Aime

My name is Samantha Fils-Aime and I am the recipient of the Freedmen’s Hospital Nurses Alumni Clubs, Inc., "Estelle Massey Osborne Memorial" Scholarship. Ever since I was a teenager pursing my Practical Nursing License at just the age of 17, I knew my heart was set on becoming a Nurse-Midwife and that I would love nursing with my whole heart and become a leader in my practice. I wanted to be able to empower women and their families and rejoice with them during one of their most precious moments in their lives - childbirth.

I worked as an LPN and then to further my nursing experience, I pursued a degree in nursing by attending and graduated from Molloy College in 2012, with my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. I began by professional nursing career at Stony Brook University Hospital Fall of 2012. I have cherished the experiences that I have gained on a Stepdown Cardiothoracic unit and I have set an example for others by becoming a nurse-preceptor and taking new nurses under my wing and leading them in the path of delivering quality care. I took on the role of Charge Nurse and became a discharge nurse, educating patients on all aspects of their health and the importance of wellness. By being an active member of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, I am able to apply new knowledge to my practice through evidenced based practice that is such a benefit to all.

To further pursue my endeavors and to pursue my passion, I enrolled at Frontier Nursing University to attain my Master’s degree in Nurse-Midwifery with an anticipated graduation date of March 2019. I am also a proud member of Long Island Midwives and hope to be able to serve my community in areas and times of need. My ultimate dream is to open up a Birth Center in my area that would prove to be tremendously beneficial and help address the needs of the current population. I want to make an impact on not only my profession, but my community as well, by being a strong leader and standing up for all women under my care. I hope to one day further my education by obtaining my Doctorate in Nursing and becoming an advanced leader in Midwifery care.