Roberta Simes

Recipient of the Estelle Massey Osborne Scholarship. Roberta Simes received her BSN from the University of Washington. Upon attaining her registered nursing degree, Roberta worked as a Progressive Care nurse for two years, and then transitioned into working various Intensive Care Units. Ms. Simes enjoys Trauma/Medical ICU the most due to the complexity of the patient population. Roberta was a travel nurse for two years, and also works as a clinical instructor at a local community college. Roberta enjoys traveling the world and has been to Dubai, Montreal, Ireland, France, Amsterdam, United Kingdom, Mexico, and most recently Peru.

Currently, Roberta is in the process of working toward her Masters of Science in Nursing with an emphasis on Leadership and Management from Aspen University. Her expected graduation date is Fall 2016. Roberta initially wanted to pursue a degree as a Nurse Anesthetist. However, she knew she gravitated toward management-type activities, and was excellent at organization, personal development, and social interactions so she expanded her five-year goal to becoming an ICU manager and being involved in quality management that will benefit nurses at the bedside.