Erin Whitehouse

Winner of the Isabel Hampton Robb Scholarship, is currently enrolled in the PhD program at The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing in Baltimore, Maryland. She earned her masters of public health from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill after obtaining her BSN at the University of Maryland-Baltimore. Her previous experience includes working as a public health nurse in a variety of settings from a refugee camp in South Sudan to a low-income Hispanic preschool in San Francisco. Her goal in pursuing her PhD is to use research to support advocacy for improved health promotion and disease prevention among vulnerable, resource limited populations. Her current studies focus on the impact of multi-morbidity, particularly with patients who are experiencing both chronic and infectious diseases as well as with patients who have multi-drug resistant tuberculosis in South Africa, paying particular attention to the role of family and community support. In addition, she enjoys teaching and plans to focus on nursing education internationally to contribute to the development of nurse leaders and increase nursing’s capacity to improve health care internationally.