Tashika Reeves

Tashika Reeves was the first in her family of 13 to graduate from high school and the only one to graduate from college. When her older brother died at the age of 10 from an undiagnosed brain aneurysm, she witnessed what she knows now was world-class care that made her want to be a nurse.

Watching how much time the nurses spent with her family, lending an ear, educating them on what was going on and what to expect, while her brother lay in a coma for a week, she realized that she wanted to become a nurse and make that kind of difference in peoples' lives.

She has her baccalaureate from Thomas Jefferson University where she is now enrolled in the master's program. She is an oncology nurse and plans to apply for a clinical nurse instructor position and eventually go on for her PhD, hoping to do her dissertation on spirituality and its effect on the prognosis and the activities of daily living of oncology patients.