Nancy Duffy

Nancy Duffy is a leader in the South Carolina Nurse Educator Coalition (SCNEC) comprising the state's three state-supported baccalaureate nursing programs: Medical University of South Carolina, Clemson and the University of South Carolina. The coalition is developing a nursing infrastructure with transferable modules and shared curricula, setting up an innovative model of nursing education. The SCNEC project's aims are to facilitate more effective use of nursing faculty; to maintain a stable student enrollment; to decrease the annual perstudent cost and to increase satisfaction in both students and faculty with technologically innovative teaching and learning. The SCNEC will evaluate the effectiveness of simulation as a teaching strategy.

Ms. Duffy is the recipient of many honors, having been named Nurse of the Year, Instructor of the Year seven times, and the winner of several Golden Apple Teaching Awards. She is currently enrolled in the doctor of nursing practice program at Rush University in Chicago.