Melinda Ruiz

I work at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women in San Diego, CA. as a RN in Labor and Delivery. I have also worked or floated to the Perinatal Special Care Unit (for high-risk antepartum and high risk postpartum patients), Postpartum, and Women's Acute Care Unit (specializing in women's surgeries). I also currently work at Point Loma Nazarene University as an Assistant Adjunct Instructor for the Maternal-Child Clinical.

I am currently one year through my Masters of Nursing for Nursing Education and Certified Nurse Specialist (CNS) in Family Health. My goal will be to continue working as a clinical instructor, and later maybe work as a full time instructor. I also plan on working as a CNS or Nurse Educator for Labor and Delivery or High Risk Obstetrics in one of the hospitals in San Diego.

I have a passion for working with patients who are experiencing perinatal loss, and I am currently working on my thesis about the lived experience of the nurse assisting a family with perinatal loss. After completing my thesis I want to increase education in nursing schools, and in educating nurses on the job how to become more comfortable in caring for these types of patients and families.

I also have been working on a Spanish-English translation guide to assist the nurse and patient in communicating with each other by pointing to a question, answer, or need that has the translation next to it for the other person. This has been a long on-going project, but will be helpful to both the nurse and patient when it is completed. I would like to use this tool to assist the students in communicating with their Spanish Speaking patients, and for the nurses in the hospital to communicate with their patients.