John Pozar

With a nursing career that has encompassed a broad variety of practice settings and responsibilities, John Pozar has been continuously on the move. After completing his undergraduate training and beginning his career working as a nurse in the critical care float pool at Oregon Health Sciences University Hospital, an urban tertiary medical center, Mr. Pozar then traveled to the other end of the healthcare spectrum, to a 65-bed rural hospital on the remote Navajo reservation. In this difficult environment, Mr. Pozar experienced firsthand the numerous and severe limitations faced by the practitioners who serve these populations, and also of the enormous current disparities in health and healthcare in America.

This time spent on the reservation also imparted to Mr. Pozar a deep appreciation for the role of competent advanced practice nurses, who devotedly serve a rural population there, one that organized medicine has largely chosen to ignore. Inspired by their example, Mr. Pozar then began work in the demanding pre-hospital environment, transporting critically ill and injured patients from those rural areas to the major southwestern medical centers via both fixed and rotor-wing aircraft, while working for a regional transport program.

Eventually, Mr. Pozar ended up living in a small northern Arizona town, one which only sporadically had anesthesia and critical care services available. To the end of being able to provide such essential services to his community, Mr. Pozar began study in the certified registered nurse anesthetist training program at Rush University in Chicago, Illinois, where he is currently in his clinical residency.