Patricia Reineke

Patricia Reineke started her nursing career with a bachelor of science degree in nursing from Wagner College and later earned a master of science degree in family nursing from Mercy College. Currently she is a doctoral student in nursing at New York University. Ms. Reineke is a member of the full time faculty in the Marjorie K. Unterberg School of Nursing and Health Studies at Monmouth University where she teaches in both the graduate and undergraduate programs. She has a passion for teaching and mentoring students and plans to involve students in her program of research upon completion of her doctoral degree. She views this as an opportunity to shape the future of the profession while expanding the knowledge base for evidence-based nursing practice.

For most of her professional career Ms. Reineke has practiced in the community setting as an elementary school nurse. This provided her with the unique opportunity to interact and work closely with children and their families over extended periods of time. Much of her practice involved the care and management of children with chronic conditions. It was through these interactions with parents and children that she discovered her passion for examining the family in relation to chronic conditions. Her graduate education provided the foundation for beginning practice and research in family nursing.

Her doctoral work focuses on a question relevant to obesity as a chronic condition in the family context. A long term goal is to design and implement a family-based intervention aimed at preventing or reducing childhood obesity. Ms. Reineke views this as an opportunity to help children and their families achieve positive health outcomes while contributing to the scientific knowledge base.

Ms. Reineke has co-authored an article for the Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing and is working on a second. Her presentations at professional nursing conferences have included obesity and child health. She is an active member of Sigma Theta Tau International and participates in peer review for The Journal of School Nursing and The Journal of Family Nursing.

By combining her passions of teaching and research with an advanced degree, Ms. Reineke's goals are to develop a program of research that will improve the health of children and families while guiding clinical practice; and to educate the profession's future educators, researchers, and leaders.